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Thank you all for your feedback - Rich and Anna

"Amazing location for camping, hiking, and enjoying good times with family and friends. The views are scenic and fun to explore. I can’t wait to stay at MMC next summer."

"We are all very excited to see results of the new life that Rich & Anna are breathing into this property! They are a huge asset to our Community."

"When Rich and Anna finish the renovations it will be a jewel for the Midtown area! I've seen it in its current condition and can't wait to see the finished product next year."

"These Guys aren’t open Yet, BUT When they do open, You can Expect a Treat! Rich and Anna and the Fam DO IT RIGHT! Best wishes and can’t wait to see what you do with the Midtown Mountain Campground!"

"Rich and Anna are the perfect couple to bring the property back to its potential. I’m excited to see the new Midtown Mountain Campground. Spring will not come soon enough!"

"Rich and Anna are great people who are avid hikers and campers! They are creative and do a great job with experience in every aspect of their new adventure!!!!!"